Basic Brothers In Arms Modding Information

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Basic modding Information

Question: How do I install the Brothers in Arms SDK?

Answer: The Brothers in Arms SDK for Road to Hill 30 can be downloaded from here. The SDK for Earned in Blood is included on the CD/DVD (just insert the 1st CD or DVD and click the "Install SDK" button at the bottom of the setup application). For both RtH30 and EiB, you MUST already have the game installed before you install the SDK.

Question: What can I do once I have the SDK installed?

Answer: You can create new maps (levels) for the single player game or the multiplayer game. You can modify the Unreal Script source code to change the behavior of weapons, AI characters or other objects used in the game. You can modify the textures or sounds used in the game. You can create mutators that will allow you to customize things in the existing single player or multiplayer maps. You can create new weapons and new characters to use in existing maps or to include in your own custom maps if you want to create your own story.

Question: How do I create new maps (levels)?

Answer: The level editor used in BiA is UnrealEd. There are many websites that offer tutorials on using UnrealEd (doing a search for "unrealed tutorials" on should give you some links). Also see the [LevelDesign] page for Brothers in Arms specific tutorials, tips, and tricks in using UnrealEd to create levels for BiA.