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As some of you might have experienced in the past already, the editor is prone to crashes and lockups. This is due to the fact that the editor (and game engine) itself have been altered to suit the needs of the BIA developers, which (sadly) made it less stable than the original editor. There are several things you need to keep in mind when making a map or opening up one of the levels of Hell's Highway. Rumour has it that the editor was actually not meant to ship with the game because of it being so unstable.

When starting your editor the first thing you should do is fully loading the packages located in the 'AI' and 'Definitions' folders. Several files have links to these packages which don't load automatically, when the editor doesn't find them you get a 'file not found' sort of error and the editor crashes.

Opening Packages without crashing

Like stated above, some packages crash upon loading. I've figured out some steps you can take to get the package to load without crashing. I'm not assuring that this will always work, as the editor might crash due to the fact that you have already too much packages loaded / levels imported into the editor and it runs out of memory.

The Allen crash

Some maps will show an error upon loading that the character 'Allen' wasn't able to be found. This can be fixed by following the steps of the 'Opening the Characters packages' just below.

Opening the Characters packages

To open all character packages, to the following;

load all AI packages
load all Definitions packages
load char_archetype
now you can load any character package you like

Opening the Vehicle packages

Opening the vehicle packages can by opening the following packages in this particular order:

open p_vehicle_archetype
open p_vehicle
open p_vehicle_de
open p_vehicle_debris
open p_vehicle_us
open p_viewmodel_de
open p_viewmodel_us

it's possible that other orders might work, but I've found that this particular order works without crashing. If you still have an editor crash you've probably loaded too much packages into the editor already.

<more to be added when discovered>

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