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Getting Prepared

To start modding Earned In Blood, you will need to install the Earned In Blood SDK from the DVD or CD Disk 1. If you didn't do this when you installed EIB, insert the CD or DVD and select the Install SDK option. Once the SDK is installed open your EIB folder (in most cases: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArmsEIB), and make sure you see plenty of folders named gbx<name>. If you see these, you've installed the SDK. If you don't, give it another go and if it still fails, try popping to and asking the community for some assistance.

Installing Updates

There are 4 updates you need to install in order to get the latest version of the game; (RTH30) 1.02 - 1.03 - 1.10 - 1.11 (EIB) 1.01 - 1.02

All of these can be found at the following link: (RTH30) (EIB)

If you get an error by AVG antivirus you'll need to disable the Resident Shield before installing the update. Don't forget to activate the shield after updating.

It is also required to install the .Net framework in order to get the SDK to run. You can find the download at this link :

Getting the SDK to run in Windows 7 (courtesy of Rendroc and Warrior250)

1. Install game: hopefully this works with any version, Steam or DVD

2. Apply official patches to game (if necessary)

3. Make a backup of your BiA\System folder before the next step

4. Apply Windows 7 SDK fix: download the Windows 7 fix (EiB : or RtH30 : , and extract the contents to your BiA\System folder

5. Install SDK: check my site for the download links ( If you have problems installing it, check this post5 for a registry hack that might help. Please post your results, whether it worked or not!

6. Test "UnrealEd.exe" in BiA\System. You may or may not need to run this with Windows Compatibility Mode for Windows 2000 or XP.

Opening A Command Prompt

Ok, so some of you know this already, hit start, click run and type CMD hit enter, this opens the command prompt so you can change the directory to the BrothersinArmsEiB\System folder, in most cases this can be done by typing:

CD C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersinArmsEiB\System

From there you can enter the UCCDEPEND command to compile your latest and greatest.

Of course, this is all really long winded, and there is a shortcut!

Open the My Computer icon on your desktop and do the following:

Select "Tools" -> "Folder Options" -> "File Types"
Sort the registered file types by name by clicking the 2nd column
Find and select the file type "Folder"
Press the "Advanced" button, and a new window pops up
Press the "New..." button, and a new window pops up
Set the action to be :
Open a Command Prompt Here
Set the application to be :
cmd.exe /k "cd %L"
Press Ok to save the newly added entry.
Now file explore your way to the BrothersInArmsEiB folder, in most cases this will be located at
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArmsEiB
Locate the System folder, right click and select "Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)"

Go back to your desktop and make sure there is a shortcut the reads Shortcut to System on it, right click on that shortcut and select "Open A Command Prompt Here"

There ya go, saves your typing fingers for code rather than typing a path. :)

A Decent IDE

Sure, you can use notepad to edit your EIB, but it's better to use something more dedicated to the task. At this point, I would recommend using the IDE available free from Epic Games:

The UDE is pretty slick, I use if for entering code only, I've not tried to configure it to compile EIB script as it stands (it's geared more towards the UT series of games), but it has syntax hi-lites, which is helpful.

The Epic UDE is based off wotgreal ( select downloads), another pretty sharp IDE, but has a nag screen, so if you use it, do the developer a favour and pay for it.

Creating A Custom Modding ini File

One thing EIB modders will have noticed is the fact they have to modify their EIB.ini file each time they want to modify an existing scripts. I found it easier to locate the EIB.ini file (C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Gearbox Software\BrothersInArmsEIB\System) make a copy of it and call it EIBMod.ini, the EIBMod.ini fill will not be modified by the game. This will be explained in more detail when we create our first mod, so don't worry about it too much now, just create and rename the copy and all will be good.

Don't Modify Core Files

Okay, this isn't mandatory, but if you want to continue playing online and want to share your mod, you should never modify and recompile the base classes, these are the files installed by the SDK. A lot of players will be upset if they install your mod, and they can no longer play online. There will be a section for those who want to modify the game, but not share later on.

Last Words Modding games is fun, whether you're just making maps, small mutators or creating a total conversion. A lot of modders believe in open source and work with other modders, making the community stronger. Although it's not required, it's highly encouraged that modders share their knowledge on this wiki, encourage new modders in their work and treat each other with respect.

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