Getting soldiers to jump over walls and through windows

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To get AI soldiers to climb over walls or climb through windows, you will need to place PathNode actors on both sides of the wall (or on both sides of the window). These PathNode actors should be located about 62-64 units from the wall or window (this is assuming a 64 unit wall thickness). The PathNode actors should be placed so that a straight line drawn between them will be at right angles to the wall they are climbing over (since the animation that is playing is "fixed" in direction and AI soldiers will not rotate at all during this animation). The two path node actors (on opposite sides of the wall) should be about 190-194 units apart (if the wall is thicker than 64 units, you will need to move the path node actors closer to the wall, but the animation may begin to "clip" into the wall when this happens).

You create a path between these PathNode actors by editing the properties of the PathNode actor in UnrealEd and manually entering the name of the PathNode actor you want to connect it to. For example, if you had PathNode57 and PathNode63 on opposite sides of a wall and you wanted the AI soldier to climb over that wall, you would edit the properties for PathNode57 and put "PathNode63" (without the quotes) in the "WallClimbPaths" section of the "NavigationPoint" properties. This will create a one-way path from PathNode57 to PathNode63. If you want the path to be two-way, you'll need to edit the WallClimbPaths properties for PathNode63 and set it to PathNode57. If you want the AI soldier to climb through a window, set the "WindowClimbThroughPath" setting in the NavigationPoint properties to the name of the PathNode actor on the other side of the window.

See some of the images below for example placement of PathNode actors for wall climbing and climbing through windows.






You can use the "Climb through window" animation to climb over low walls. See the image below for an example of using the "WindowClimbThrough" setting to get AI soldiers to scramble waist high walls (96 units high).


Wall Climb Test Map

Here's a test map demonstrating the wall climb and window climb-through animations...