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Kismet Introduction

Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway was built on the Unreal Tournament 3 engine, which has a bunch of improvements in terms of scripting triggers and sequences in the game. A new tool called Kismet was implemented in the Editor, allowing non-coders to create fairly complicated sequences and happenings in the game without the need of actual knowledge of the code that is run behind the scenes.

Hell's Highway's AI is set up in this way, and these tutorials explain how you can add AI pawns to your single player level.

It might be good, if you have no previous knowledge of Kismet, to go through the tutorials at this site:, or at least bookmark this site for future reference, as it explains pretty much in detail all the basic stuff that is going on in Kismet and what all the squares and circles on your screen mean and do.

Enemy Soldiers

Adding Germans
Adding an MG gun
Having an MG gun shooting at a dummy (for dramatic effect)
Adding an 88 Gun
Getting German Squads to Move

Player Fireteams

Adding Controllable US Teams
Starting Your Game in a Tank
Adding a Driveable Tank to Single Player


Adding Sheep
Adding Chickens
Adding Birds That Fly Off When Startled

Exploding Static Meshes

Exploding Fuel Barrels and Others

Event Coding

Creating an Objective
Notes on Clean Kismet Coding
Creating a Reloadpoint (for ammo reloading)
Creating a Fade-In at Mission Start
Creating Checkpoints and Saves