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When opening a folder containing a BIA HH level you will see that the level has been chopped up into several files with the extension .gbxmap. This is due to the way the game handles memory and allows the game to play through the game more fluently without big load times, and also show more detail in the environment.

Opening an existing Hell's Highway level

To view an original HH in the editor you need to import each part into a new map. Be advised though; some of these files will make your editor crash. It is wise to save your new level after each import so you don't have to repeat the entire process again.

You can import a map by simply clicking the 'levels' tab in the generic browser, and then selecting 'level' - 'import'.

Each part you import will have a specific syntax for the type of asset it contains, this can be 'LOD', 'SEQ' ... Keep this in mind when searching for a specific example of code or setup when opening original levels.

Also note that you can change the visibility of each level you imported in the generic browser. This can greatly increase the performance of the 3D viewport.

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