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Welcome to the unofficial Brothers In Arms SDK Wiki


Welcome to this unofficial SDK wiki for Brothers in Arms. Although some tutorials on this site are aimed at Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood, this wiki was mainly set up to gather information on creating levels for Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway.

Note: this wiki is in the process of being filled with info, so it's possible that you will run into empty pages. If you have questions you can mail me at partibeest °at° gmail *dot* com. If you think you could help by adding new material (or help out with transfering the old tutorials from the official sdk site), just send me a mail and I'll create an account for you.

Note2: the help pages might seem a bit borked, that's because I copy-pasted them from the mediawiki site. I'll take a look at that later.

Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood


Basic Brothers In Arms Modding Information
Getting ready to mod
Using the console


Programming/Coding Information
Title Cards
Creating an Intro
Using the ScriptedSequence Actor
Moving Characters
The TriggeredScriptIntro Actor
Matinee and Moments
Particle Effects
Creative Scripting
Creating Your First Mutator
Making a "No Jump" Mutator
Making a "Change Inventory" Mutator
Weapon Emplacements in RTH30 and EIB

Mapping Tutorials

Creating Your First Level
Mapping for Dummies
Skybox Tutorial
Lighting in BIAed
Using the Texture Widget
Adding Soldiers and Tanks to your maps
Getting soldiers to jump over walls and through windows
Gbx Light Bloom

Terrain Tutorials

Creating terrain, intro to layers
Using GbxFluidSurface

Modeling Tutorials

Modeling tips


Setup and Manage a Dedicated Server


Art and Sound Information

Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway


Editor Crashes
Loading BIA HH levels in the editor
Changing the ingame FOV


Setting up your system to work with the editor
Mapping tutorials
Scripting tutorials
Kismet tutorials

Multiplayer Maps

Getting your custom MP map to show in the ingame menu

Precompiled Hell's Highway maps

When researching the game and the way it's been coded, I've taken the time to compile the original chapters by importing each part separately into one map. Some parts crash the editor so I left those out (not sure yet why they won't load..). I thought it might be useful to share these compiled maps with you so you don't have to do the same work I've done just to be able to open a map and the way a particular part was created. Just place the gbxmap files in the CustomMaps folder where you save your own work and you'll be able to open them. You can toggle the visibility of each sub level in the Generic Browser, in the Level tab after loading the map. It's possible that I've toggled some sub maps' visibility off so I could keep importing new parts without fps drops, so don't panic and just look in the generic browser under the levels tab. It's come to my attention that only the levels marked with c and s are needed to "rebuild" the map. The other ones are lod (distance objects in low poly) which aren't needed to view the map in the editor.

Finished Projects

Battle of Best v1.02 Download Battle of Best

Crossroads - part 1, 2 and 3