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BIA EIB introduces some new TriggeredScript Actors that make our lives as level designers a bit easier by using standardized Actors that do tasks common to all levels. These new Actors can be found by opening the Actor Class Browser, expanding Actor, and scrolling down and expanding TriggeredScript. All the new Actors are listed there, they all start with “TriggeredScript”.

Select TriggeredScriptIntro and then right click to place it in the level like any other actor. It should show up as a blue Godzilla head, similar to other TriggeredScript actors. You can change the icons of actors if you like, it can be done by opening the property inspector, expanding Display, and using a different Texture (most found in the engine texture package, using the Texture Browser).

After placing our TriggeredScriptIntro, we can start changing it’s properties. Expand Events, you will notice several fields unique to this Actor. We are interested in changing Event and nmPreFadeEvent to TS_IntroScene. This will function the same as our TS_TitleCard script did, triggering our intro once (preFadeEvent), and then again after the TitleCard is done (event).

We should set fDelayVO to 5.0 , this sets how long our TitleCard screen should be displayed. Also change the PlayerTag to gbxPlayerStart, it’s important to keep all our gbxPlayerStart actor’s named the same (just use gbxPlayerStart by default for them).

The other Properties listed relate to playing music and monologue audio, along with the timing of any subtitles.

The next thing we need to do is add an ACTION_TriggerEvent( 'TriggeredScriptIntro' ); to our TS_IntroScene script, in the IntroEnd state. The reason for doing this is because our TriggeredScriptIntro actor waits to be triggered again to unlock the player and save a checkpoint. We will also want to delete our CheckPointSave, simply replace that line with the TriggerEvent mentioned above. After doing all this, you will need to edit your CheckpointManager, and have its first [0] checkpoint swapped from TS_TitleCard to TriggeredScriptIntro.

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