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The BiA Console

The console is a major tool for modders, it allows them to load maps, summon objects, and view the mod log. The console is not setup as default for users so a tweak is required.

Setting Up The Console

As I only use the console for testing mods, I create a test user profile, so go ahead and fire up BiA and make a new profile called testuser or something similar (for this I used the default JoeHartsock). While you've got BiA fired up, go ahead and play a few games, you know you want to... When you're done close down BiA, and you'll need to locate the EiB.ini file located in your documents and settings folder. So goto the following location <yourusername> and <yourprofilename> are the name you use to login to your system and the profile you created for BiA.

C:\Documents and Settings\<yourusername>\Application Data\Gearbox Software\Earned In Blood\<yourprofilename>

Open the EiB.ini file, and do a search for the following line.

Change the ConsoleKey value to ConsoleKey=147

Now do a search for bEnableDebugConsoleAndMenu Set bEnableDebugConsoleAndMenu to True

Save the EiB.ini file, and you should now be able to open the console using the ~ key.

Using The Console

Fire up BiA and using your test profile, load up a level. Once the level has loaded, press the ~ key and type showlog, this will display the BiA log, a useful tool for debugging your scripts. All the console commands are a different topic, the main thing here is to make sure your console opens and you can use the showlog command.

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